Quarter 1 Newsletter 2021

Christopher Robin Pre-Primary proudly celebrated its 41st birthday on 11 March. In celebration of this milestone in our history, our learners spent the morning enjoying birthday cake and colourful balloons. We look forward to providing many more years of outstanding innovative education, beginning in the early years. The success could not have been achieved without the outstanding support we have received from our parents. We look forward to another 41 years of exceptional, early education. Our sincere gratitude goes out to the founding staff, parents and learners, who were brave enough to believe in our project and to promote its journey. We have, over the years influenced the lives of so many young people and we are proud of the achievements of our past and present learners. Following a successful quarter, we hope our parents, educators and learners are enjoying a peaceful holiday thus far. A special thank you to everyone who participated in College projects online. Should you be traveling during this holiday, we ask you to be vigilant and to stay safe. This virus has not left our lives yet and the personal safety of our Parklands family is still a priority. We once again express our condolences to the families who have lost loved ones during the pandemic. Please remember that it is incumbent upon each of us to act responsibly during the holiday season in order to avoid further spikes in rates of infection. Wishing you all a well-deserved break and for those of you observing religious holidays during this time, we wish you spiritual renewal and strength. We hope everyone will return on 13 April for the Autumn Quarter, refreshed and ready for the challenges that await us. Fondest wishes to you and your family. Founder’s Message Lorraine Roth PRE-PRIMARY FACULTY Monday-Friday 07h30 – 08h30 12h45 – 13h30 JUNIOR PREPARATORY FACULTY Monday-Thursday 07h30 - 08h15 13h30 - 14h30 15h00 - 15h45 Friday 07h30 - 08h15 13h30 - 14h30 SENIOR PREPARATORY FACULTY Monday-Thursday 07h30 - 08h00 14h00 - 14h45 15h30 - 16h00 SECONDARY FACULTY Monday-Friday 07h00 - 08h00 14h00 - 15h30 16h30 - 17h30 Gate Times SUMMER QUARTER 14 January – 19 March AUTUMN QUARTER 13 April – 23 June WINTER QUARTER 21 July – 23 September SPRING QUARTER 6 October – 8 December DATES FOR 2021 From Pre-Primary to Grade 12 Q1: 16 JAN - 14 MAR 2019 QUARTER 1 JAN - MAR 2021 THE FOUNDING TEAM (Back L-R): J. Booysen, L. Davies, L. Steynberg (Nee Greenway), J. Armstrong, R. Knaggs, G. Douglas, A. Bailly, N. Muller  (Front L-R): H. Kreyenbroek, R. van der Merwe, P. O’Brien, L. Ribaudo & L. Torbet. Lorraine and Werner Roth